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The Bee Garden

We now offer the perfect accessory for any beekeeper.

Create your own Bee Garden.

Our special blend of flowers will beautify your garden and drive the bees crazy.

This hand-picked mixture of annuals and perennials will provide both nectar and pollen for your honey bees.

The Honey Bee Garden Mix is available in a .5 ounce package that is approximately 13,812 seeds.  The mixture will cover approximately a 10' x 10' garden space.

Packages are available for $5.50 each.

Your new bee garden will consist of the following:

12.68%  Chinese Forget-Me-Not 
9.50%  Ohio Spiderwort
7.74%  Lance Leaved Coreopsis 
6.33%  Chinese Aster 
6.33%  Sulphur Cosmos
6.33%  California Poppy
6.33%   Purple Coneflower 
6.33%   Perennial Gaillardia
6.33%   Gaura
6.33%   Corn Poppy
6.33%   Sweet Mignonette
6.33%   Pincushion Flower
3.17%   Borage
3.17%   Rocky Mountain Penstemon
3.17%   Lacy Phacelia
1.04%   White Upland Aster
.79%   White Rockcress
.79%   Prairie Coneflower
.40%   Smooth Aster
.40%   New England Aster
.18%   Spider Plant

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