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Beekeeping Supplies
Queen Rearing & Requeening

    Requeening Frame               $12.50 ea.

This is the best requeening cage I've ever seen.  I have successfully requeened a laying worker hive with thise requeening frame.  A wooden queen cage fits into the frame and she is released by the attendants into the large screened area.  The colony tends to her until they have accepted her and you are ready to release her.  Pull the plug and let her walk out.  You should remove much  of the candy to ensure she escapes from the queen cage. 
    Push In Induction Cage        $4.55 ea.

Another great way to introduce a queen is with this push in cage.  Fill the exit tunnel with queen candy, push the cage into a frame in the center of the brood nest with open cells and brood about to emerge (no adult bees please).  Release the queen and attendant workers into the large, 5 3/4" x 5/8" cage.  As the queen starts to lay eggs, she will give off queen pheromone which will ensure acceptance.  The bees will release her or you can manually release her after she has started laying.  Reduce to 9 frames to give more space to bees to crawl on the cage.
    Queen Castle
                    Unassembled  $36.95 ea.      
                              Assembled   $42.95 ea.

Here is the perfect tool for easy queen rearing and so much more.  The next time you see a queen cell on a frame of brood, just place the whole frame in the Queen Castle with a frame of honey or a feeder.  Come back in 2 - 3 weeks and you will find your mated queen.  This is a standard size hive body with dividers and a special bottom board and inner covers.  Insert dividers into the deep Queen Castle to yield four two-frame nucs, leave the middle divider to yield two five-frame nucs.  The medium Queen Castle can be divided into three three-frame nucs.  The bottom board provides each nuc with an entrance on separate sides.
    Queen Marking Tube             $7.25 ea.

Gentle and safe on queens, this tube has two uses; holding and isolating the queen and marking the queen. 
    Queen Marking Pen               $6.96 ea.

With just a quick and easy stroke of this marker, you will get the job done.      It is definately a must to mark your queen if you expect to find her easily.  International color codes for marking is as follows:  years ending in 1 or 6 - white; in 2 or 7 - yellow; in 3 or 8 - red; in 4 or 9 - green; in 5 or 0 - blue.   For hobbyist beekeepers, you may want to choose the color that you can readily spot.

Cell Bar Frames                    $24.95 ea.

The Cell Bar Frame is loaded with the push in queen cell cups and ready to be put in the cell builder.  This design is well accepted among many large queen rearing operations.  This method requires grafting.  Cell Bar Frames are sold in lots of two frames with 100 push in cell cups.   

    Stainless Steel Grafting
$13.50 ea.

A German surgical company makes this Grafting Tool to very exact standards.  Both ends are designed for grafting; each offering a different configuration.  Both ends are flattened to get under the larvae with ease.
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