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Beekeeping Supplies
Pest Management & Medications

   Freeman Beetle Trap                         $39.95 ea.

This trap consists of two components: coated galvanized steel mesh bottom and a plastic tray beneath filled with cooking oil. The small hive beetles are pursued through the mesh by guard bees, trapping them in the oil where they suffocate and die quickly. Gravity does most of the work!  Over time, the trap virtually eliminates small hive beetle infestation. Trap installs as a bottom board to trap hive beetles in reusable tray.  Specify 10 frame or 8 frame when ordering.
   Freeman Beetle Trap, Ventilated             $46.95 ea.

A ventilated version of the original Freeman Beetle Trap.  Specify 10 frame of 8 frame when ordering.
Freeman Beetle Trap - Tray Only                 $15.99 ea.

Replacement tray for Freeman Beetle Trap.  Specify 8 frame or 10 frame when ordering.
    Mite Away II Formic Pro                  $14.50  2 ct. container
             $51.00 10 ct. box                   $124.00 25 ct. pail 

This new formulation of formic acid not only kills adult varroa mites, but also kills 95% of the varroa under the cappings.  Treatment consists of simply laying the strips across the frames for only 7 days with daytime temps of 50-85 degrees F.  Can even be applied during honey flow.  Completely organic, this product can be left on the hive for the bees to dispose of or the strips can be removed and composted.   Ask us about half treatments.

   Apiguard                       10 ct. Pkg.        $37.00 ea.
                                        Tub                 $110.00 ea.

A slow release thymol gel, a natural treatment with efficacy rates ranged from 85% to 95% & an overall average of 93% even after thousands of treatments. It encourages the hygienic behavior of the honey bee, preventing a number of related problems. For use in summer just after the honey flow; best results occur when bees are active and maximum daily temperatures are between 60 degrees and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
   Apivar                                             10 pack      $38.00 ea.
                                                       50 pack      $135.00 ea.

An effective amitraz-based weapon against Varroa mites. Apivar kills up to 99% of mites in one application & is continuously released in the colony over a 6 week period.  An application includes 2 strips per hive.
   ApiLifeVar          1 pack (3 packs for 2 Hives)       $4.00 ea.

Composed of all natural essential oils, it is up to 95% effective while leaving minimal residue. Treat each colony by breaking 1 wafer into 4 pieces and placing around the brood nest. Leave 7 to 10 days and replace with another wafer and after 7 to 10 days; replace for a 3rd time.
5 grams per container (makes 5-6 gallons)               $ 25.00 ea.
  2 grams per container (make 20-24 gallons)             $ 50.00 ea.
              While Supplies Last


Fumagilin-B is the only drug that is effective against Nosema disease, which stresses over wintered colonies and reduces honey production.  It is strongly recommended feeding Fumagilin-B in late Fall and early Spring. 
    Beetle Blaster                                              $2.00 ea.

This beetle trap really works!  Fill the trap half way with mineral oil and hang it between two frames.  As the bees chase the beetles, they try to hide in the trap...only to meet their demise.  Once the trap is full, remove it and simply throw it away.
   Beetle Jail                                                      $3.50 ea.

 Wintergreen Oil                      $4.50 ea.

We offer a 1 ounce bottle of commercial grade Wintergreen Oil to drive out beetles.  Each bottle features a convenient dropper cap to allow ease of use.  Also available, Cork Strips ($1.00 per 4 count bag) for application.

 Para Moth        1 lb. Container                      $20.95 ea.
To prevent wax moths in your stored supers, place 3 oz. of crystals on a barrier atop 5 supers and cover.  Additional crystals may be required every 3 weeks.
   Moth Crystal Drawer                                     $20.95 ea.

A frame with measurements of an inner cover which has a drawer in it. It is used on top of your stack of supers to deliver moth crystal treatment when you store them for the season. Pull the drawer out & place crystals on it. When you have to check the chemical in 3 weeks, just pull the drawer out and add more if necessary.
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