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We offer local, wildflower honey and specialty honey.

Our honey comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, from tabletop to baking to wine making.

Local Wildflower Honey

Our honey is unprocessed.  It is simply strained and bottled.  This allows the honey to maintain its natural enzymes and pollens.  Additionally, a lack of processing allows our honey to provide the allergen benefits and pure flavor that honey lovers truly enjoy.


 8 ounce Bear with Flip Top Lid

$4.75 ea.

 12 ounce Bear with Flip Top Lid

$5.75 ea.

 1 pound Classic with Flip Top Lid

$6.50 ea.

 1 pound Classic Glass with Screw On Lid

$7.00 ea.

 2 pound Classic with Flip Top Lid

$12.50 ea.

 3 pound Square with Flip Top Lid

$17.50 ea.

 5 pound Square with Flip Top Lid

$27.50 ea.

 1 gallon (12 pounds) Plastic Jug
Call Ahead to Order for Availability

$65.00 ea.


Specialty Honey


Orange Blossom Honey 

This pure, sweet Orange Blossom honey will add a unique flavor to your cup of hot tea, your baking, or your wine making.  The southern states have never tasted so sweet.    

   1 pound Classic Glass      $ 8.00  ea. Currently Unavailable
   2 pound Classic Glass     $15.00 ea. Currently Unavailable


Pure Honey with Comb


Our Local Wildflower Honey has been bottled in pint jars with the finest fresh comb.  These jars hold 1.5 pounds of honey and comb.              $   Currently Unavailable

Our Clover/Alfalfa blend honey has been bottled in 1 pound jars with the finest, fresh comb.          $8.00 ea.

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