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Beekeeping Supplies
Hive Tools & Smokers

    10" Hive Tool                                            $6.95 ea.

This 10" hive tool is the perfect all-around beekeeping tool.  The turn-down head gives you an excellent scraping head complete with a handy nail-pulling slot.  The wide, flat blade slides easily between supers and will pry them apart with no problem.  A great hive tool at a great price.
    Frame Lifter Hive Tool                              $13.75 ea.

This hive tool is of superior design.  It has two cutting edges on the end of the tool that are both beveled.  This type of edge scrapes up wax and propolis much easier.  The curved end lifts frames out by wedging out the top bars.
   Heavy Duty Frame Lifter Hive Tool          $22.95 ea.

Constructed from hardened mild steel and heavily painted, this tool will give you years of service. 9" long.
  Frame Grip                                                  $11.95 ea.

This frame grip is as tough as all the others, but at a portion of the cost.  Rounded handles make for an easy grip. 
  Frame Cleaner                                              $5.75 ea.

This handy tool will quickly clean out the wax and propolis from any style frame.  It is especially useful for comb honey production.  The frame cleaner has a soft, coated grip.
    Bee Brush                                                      $5.95 ea.

These soft brissels will efficiently flip bees away without injury. 
    Hobby Smoker                                               $29.95 ea.

Our 4" x  7" stainless steel smoker is the perfect smoker for you.   A wired grid surrounds the body of the smoker for your protection.  A new, one-way valve fills the bellows with air faster and results in the production of more smoke.  Recommended for one to 20 hives. 
    Pro Smoker                                                    $39.95 ea.

When you have some heavy smoking to do all day long, this is the smoker for you.  Just like our Hobby Smoker, this smoker is 4" in diameter.  However, this smoker is a full 10" tall.  It is also fully protected by a wire guard. 
  Cold Draft Smoker Fuel                 $  3.75 per pound

All cotton fibers can be easily lit with a match or lighter for a long continuous burn.  Much easier to light than the plugs.

    Frame Perch                                                 $23.75 ea.

Hook this Frame Perch over the long side of your hive body or super and hang the frames on it as you inspect.  Will hold up to four frames.  Constructed of steel painted white. 
  Merrill Tool Box   (Tools Not Included)                   $ 53.95 ea.

No more wasting time looking for your smoker, hive tool, frame perch, frame grip or bee stays in your tool box.  The interior of this tool box is very versatile.  You can sit on it, put a swarm in it, and carry frames or medications, etc.
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