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Beekeeping Supplies
Hive Bodies & Supers

Standard Hive Bodies & Supers

Our affordable hive bodies and supers are all made in the same manner. Each have finger- joint corners, 5/8 inch frame rest and deep profiled, undercut, handholds that are easy to grip.

NOTE:  Unassembled products DO NOT include assembly instructions or fasteners.



Deep Hive Bodies (9 ½ in. height)

Unassembled     $15.50 ea.        Assembled   $19.25 ea.



Shallow Supers (5 ¾ in. height)

10 Frame Assembled     $11.75 ea. 



Medium Supers (6 5/8 in. height)

Also known as “Midwestern” or “Illinois”
10 Frame Only


Unassembled   $12.75 ea.          Assembled   $16.50 ea.



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