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Beekeeping Supplies
Frames & Foundation

Virginia Bee Supply offers a variety of frames and foundations for your hives. 
In addition, we also offer many of the framing accessories that you may need.



Standard, grooved or wedge top, bar frames available in 9 1/8" (deep), 6 5/8" (medium-wedge top only), or
5 3/8" (shallow) with grooved bottom bars. 

Unassembled........$1.30 ea. Limited Stock of Deep or Shallow Wedge Top Only
Assembly instructions & fasteners NOT included.

Assembled........$1.85 ea.   
Medium Wedge Top Back in Stock.  Must be purchased with 10 frame Medium bodies.


Plastic Drone Frames                              $3.25 ea.
 These frames are bright green so you can immediately 
 distinguish them from the rest.  These cells are drone size and
 you will have nothing but drone comb on them in order to attract
 and trap Verroa Mites.  When it is full, simply remove it from the 
 hive. You can either scrape off the affected comb and discard it
 or place it in your freezer to kill the drones and mites and return
 it to the hive to allow the bees to clean it.  Available in Medium.

100% Beeswax Foundation

Crimped wire style foundation with hooks.  Available in deep, medium, and shallow sizes.

Shallow     $1.13          Medium   $1.20          
Deep   $1.58




  Crimped Wire Shallow

 Crimped Wire Medium

 Crimped Wire Deep


Shallow Cut Comb
$ .67 ea.  
 (not wired style; used for cut comb honey)

Shallow Cut Comb Style


Medium Cut Comb

$.75 ea. 

Deep Unwired Medium Cell Brood Foundation   $1.38

Plastic Foundation

Beeswax coated plastic foundation.  Available in medium and deep sizes.

Medium     $1.19 ea.  (available in white (limited) or black)

Deep     $1.30 ea.  (black only)


                                                                                                      Plastic Black Medium                               Plastic Black Deep Foundation
                                                                                                     (also available in white)


  Frame Wire                  1/2 lb. Spool $5.00 ea.
                                          1 lb. Spool $8.00 ea.

Our frame wire is #28 tinned carbon steel. There is none stronger. The wire
is so small that when embedded, it does not bother the bees. A
half pound roll of wire will wire approximately 100 frames.
Spur Wire Embedder                  $9.50 ea. (New Style)

This brass embedding wheel has a groove for the wire to run in,
holding it more securely.
Spur Wire Embedder                $9.95 ea. (Old Style)

The extra wide wheel of this embedder is well suited for regular,
as well as crimped wire. 
   Frame Perch                                       $23.75 ea.

Hook this frame perch over the long side of your hive body or
super and hang the frames on it as you inspect. Constructed of
white, powder coated steel.
Plastic Spacer Tool                             $13.75 ea.

A lightweight & durable frame spacing tool.  Evenly space nine
frames in a 10 frame box.  Also available - spacer for 8 frame to
7 frame (blue)
Stainless Steel Spacer Tool                $19.50 ea.

This heavy duty stainless steel spacing tool for 10 frame hives
slides across your frames easily to give that extra spacing that
uncapping requires.

Eyelets (1,000 count pkg.)                      $6.95 per pkg.

Eyelets are small metal fittings placed in the holes of the end bars
 to prevent the frame wire from cutting into the end bars.

Form Board                                          $14.95 ea.

A Form Board is used to install foundation & embed wires.  It can
 be used on all three sizes of frames.


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