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Beekeeping Supplies
Feeders & Supplements

Bee Bar Feeder Cap               $5.00 ea.

No more stuck jars!  Easy to open, saves time with cleaning and feeding.  Quality made caps designed and produced in the USA.

    Entrance Feeder Cap               $1.25 ea.

Additional cap for Entrance Feeder.
Nuc Hive Top Feeder               $20.95 ea.

Designed exactly like our Hive Top Feeder in the dimensions for our Deluxe Nucs.  Holds 1 gallon.
   Ultimate Feeder              $  21.95 ea.

A bee friendly, user friendly in hive feeder that holds 1 gallon and features an easy grip handle.  Spring loaded valve sits securely on blue base equipped with 30" of feeding space.  Can be used with a medium hive body for in-hive feeding.
    Ultimate Feeder/Cover Combo             $ 42.95 ea.

Combine the convenience of the Ultimate Feeder with the benefits of the Ultimate Hive Cover for a unique feeding system.  Feeder base is equipped with 1" nipple that inserts into hive cover with a simple twist.  Replaceable plug available for those times when feeding is not necessary.
   Deep Plastic Division Board Feeder        $8.45 ea.

The excellent design of this plastic feeder almost eliminates drowning bees.  Each feeder comes with a built-in float that actually works.
 Amino-B Booster                 $25.95 ea.

Amino-B Booster is a specially formulated blend of amino acids that can be mixed with sugar syrups and/or Honey B Healthy. It is assimilated rapidly, directly through the midgut to the bee hemolymph and hemocytes.  It is then transported to the sites where protein is needed for the growth of both larvae and adult bees.  Available in 16 oz. bottles.

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