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Beekeeping Supplies
Extraction & Bottling

                                         Honey Extraction

   Economy Bench Extractor                      $210.00

This two frame imported economy extractor. Will hold all sizes of frames. Easy crank handle and high polished stainless make this the best economy extractor on the market. Designed as a "bench extractor" that does not include legs.
Compact Extractor                      $340.00

This is the best little basket-style extractor for the money in the industry today.  The 18/10th stainless steel tank, is 16" in diameter and 23" tall.  The new side crank is a great improvement over the "old style" center cranks.  The extractor will handle four (4) shallow 5 3/8", four (4) medium 6 1/4", or two (2) deep frames 9 1/8" each time you extract.  Includes bolt on legs & one (1) year full warranty.
Deluxe 9 Frame Radial
Hand Extractor                             $565.00

If you have six to 20 colonies of bees, this is the answer for your.  This extractor will extract nine (9) medium frames 6 1/4", or nine (9) shallow frames 9 3/8".  With the addition of the included cages, you can tangentially extract three (3) deep frames 9 1/8".  Plexiglass covers are hinged to the top of the extractor which has a diameter of 21".  The T.I.G. welded 18/10th food grade stainless steel tank is 24" tall.  Full one (1) year warranty.
   Ranger Radial Power Extractor             $799.00

Extract 6 medium or shallow frames radially. Stainless welded reel provides positive frame placement. Upper ball bearing. Lower nylon sleeve bearing. Electric power features direct drive electric motor with manually operated electronic speed control. All welded 18" dia. 24" tall 304 stainless tank with 1 1/2" plastic honey gate.

Ranger Extractor Stand Sold Separately .... $59.00

Save ... Extractor & Stand Package  $850.00
9 Frame Power Extractor             $975.00

Let this 110volt Baldor motor and controller do the work for you.  You will never regret not having to hand crank an extractor again.  This extractor will extract nine (9) medium frames 6 1/4", or nine (9) shallow frames 9 3/8".  With the addition of the included cages, you can tangentially extract three (3) deep frames 9 1/8".  You get variable speed, from 0-500 rpms.  Includes to covers, hinges, legs and honey gate.  The 18/10th food grade stainless steel tank is 24" tall and 24" in diameter.  Two (2) year warranty included.
18 Frame Power Extractor           OUT OF STOCK

Cut your extracting time in half by slinging 18 medium or shallow frames or nine (9) deep frames at a time.  This beauty is 24" tall and 26" in diameter and sits on three (3) sturdy legs.  The food grade stainless steel will last you for many years.  American made 110volt Baldor motor and controller.  Two (2) year warranty included.
21 Frame Power Extractor           $1,650.00  OUT OF STOCK

It features an Italian motor with a programmable controller. With a push of a botton, it can start off slowly and gradually increase speed then reverse direction automatically. If you prefer, you can run it in manual mode which allows you to set the speed and direction. Food grade Stainless Steel barrel 38" tall with the legs attached and 25" in diameter. Stainless steel basket holds the frames firmly. Extract 21 super frames (5 3/8" or 6 1/4") or 9 deep (9 1/8") frames at a time.
Conversion Kit                              $UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Convert your 9 Frame Radial Extractor into a Power Extractor with this convenient German Motor kit.

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                               Uncapping / Straining / Bottling


Tank Filter                                     $15.95

For use with the Multi-Use Uncapping & Straining Tank.  Filter material exceeds US Grade A or Fancy Classification for filter Honey. 
Capping Scratcher                          $7.25

There are always low spots on your combs making one of these scratchers a necessity.  This 8" tool has a molded handle that fits comfortably in your hand & stainless steel needle points.


Speed King Uncapping Knife       $104.95

This is the "old work horse" of uncapping knives.  It has a sealed thermostat in the tip of the stainless steel blade and measures 10" long by 2" wide.  The temperature is preset at the right temperature for uncapping.  Knife is guaranteed by the manufacturer for one (1) year with all warranty issues handled directly by the manufacturer.  American Made.


Plastic 5 Gallon Bottling Pail       $27.95

Our standard, plastic honey pail with a honey gate installed.

Individual Micron Pail Filters also available for an additional $6.95 ea.  Specify 200, 400, or 600 micron when ordering.


Plastic Honey Gate                      $15.25

This is the Plastic Honey Gate that we put on our Bottling tanks and Strainers.  Easy to use when making your own Bottling Pails or Tanks.


Double Straining Sieve               $44.50

This all stainless steel double sieve is made to go under the extractor outlet.  A removable course, then fine screen, filter out 95% of the wax particles.  All you need to filter your honey.  Designed to fit our 5 Gallon Pail.


Lubri-Film                                      $6.50

Lubri-Film, by Haynes, is a superior food approved grease.  This grease is perfect for maintaining and lubricating your extractor.


Fume Pad                                     $13.95
(Available in 8 or 10 Frame Size)

Fume pads will remove honey faster than any other method.  Apply a small amount of Fischer's Bee Quick to the pad and place on top of the super you wish to remove.  The bees will leave the honey super and do not get as "upset" as they do with brushes or blowers.


 Honey-B-Gone        8 oz. Spray Bottle                  $17.50 ea.
Honey-B-Gone is a new, easy to use, natural oil honey bee repellent. Spray on fume boards and place on top of honey supers. Watch the bees flee. 16 fluid oz. with adjustable, trigger sprayer.


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                                          Bottles & Lids

We offer two styles of clear, PET bottles in a variety of sizes for your honey bottling needs.  Please note, measurements are for honey weight, NOT fluid ounces.


  Flat Panel Honey Bears (Lids Sold Separately)

    12 oz.    $.80 ea.

  Classic Plastic Jar (Lids Sold Separately)
   8 oz.  $.55 ea.             16 oz.  $.70 ea.

  48 oz. $1.25 ea. 


  Square Embossed Plastic (Lids Sold Separately)

   80 oz.  ..... $1.65 ea.

  Lids For Plastic Bottles

 Convenient, flip top lids include protection seal.  Available in yellow
 red or white.  These lids fit all plastic bottles.     $0.15 ea.


  1 Gallon Plastic....$3.58 ea.

   8 oz. Glass Queenline Jars (24 ct. case).... $16.50

  32 oz. Glass Queenline Jars (12 ct. case)... $13.95

  Lids for 8 oz. or 16 oz. Queenline .... $.15 ea.   Gold (Lids must be purchased with Bottles)

  Lids for Pint & Quart Jars .... $.24 ea.


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