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Extraction Service

$35.00 Minimum up to 18 Medium (6 1/4" H) or Shallow (5 3/8" H)   OR   9 Deep (9 1/8"H)

Each Additional Medium or Shallow $2.00 per Frame - Each Additional Deep - $3.00 per Frame

 Includes 400 micron Straining

Extraction Service Requirements (Please read all requirements)

All Extraction Service jobs must be scheduled verbally or in writing by Virginia Beekeeping Supply LLC (VBS LLC).  Due to space and time constrictions, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.  VBS LLC reserves the right to refuse any extraction job due to non-compliance with these requirements.

All scheduled appointments will require a count of frames or supers.  Due to space and time constraints additional units will not be accepted at time of appointment.

Honey supers and/or frames MUST BE provided in supers or containers that are marked with the owner’s first & last name & daytime phone number.  If the containers are inside trash bags or plastic at time of arrival, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove it prior to inspection for extraction.

VBS LLC will not extract honey that is created from feeding sugar syrup.  This is considered adulterated honey and is a contaminant to our equipment.

No supers or frames will be accepted if they contain bees.  We will not be responsible for removing bees from the honey or its containers.  Please do not smoke your supers to remove the bees.

No supers or frames will be accepted if they contain wax moths or show obvious signs of wax moth damage.

Frames containing crystallized honey will not be extracted.

Frames with less than 75% capped cells will not be extracted.

Deep frames will require additional costs.

All honey will be extracted into a food grade container.  We do not bottle extracted honey.  Buckets, new, used or gated, are available for purchase when you arrive for your appointment if you do not already possess a lidded food grade bucket.

VBS LLC will make every effort to maintain the physical structure of the frames and foundation that is provided for extraction.  However, we are not responsible for frames or foundations that become separated during processing.  Maintaining the structure of the frames is equally beneficial to our process and equipment.

Cappings and wax that blows out during extraction will become the property of VBS LLC.

The extraction process requires no less than 24 hours for processing.  You will be notified by phone when your product is ready for pick up.  Due to space constraints, your product must be picked up in a timely fashion, so be sure to consider this when scheduling.  Do not expect to leave your product at our facility for a week or more.

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