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Beekeeping Supplies

    Ventilated Helmet         $18.95 ea.

This style of ventilated helmet is woven from heavier cords that other woven helmets.  This translates into a stronger helmet that will last longer.  Our helmet features an adjustable headband which doubles as an absorbent dry brow.   
    Square Veil                     $16.95 ea.

This most popular style veil is the square, folding veil.  This one is made with the epoxy coated, black, square screen.  This veil will pay for itself year after year and folds for easy storage.  Will work with both ventilated and plastic helmets.
Helmet Sold Separately 
    Beekeeper Gloves         $15.95 ea.

These gloves are 18 inches long to provide better protection.  Made of premium grade goat skin, these gloves are extra soft and flexible.  A mesh ventilated cuff and a heavy duty canvas sleeve with elastic band make these gloves comfortable and very sting resistant.  Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - Be sure to provide size when ordering. 

ALSO AVAILABLE - Wee Bee Kid's Gloves  $18.95
    HD Inspector Jacket w/Zip   LIMITED AVAILABILITY
(veil Not Included)           

 S,M,L    $58.00  ea.
  XL,2XL, 3XL,4XL  $63.00 ea.

Our inspector jacket has two front pockets and a heavily elasticed ban that  falls above the hip.  A ring-pull zipper affixes the hat and veil and velcro is in the front and rear where the zippers come together to keep out sneaky bees.  Please specify size when ordering.  Remember to order jackets larger than  you would normally wear to increase sting resistance. 

Inspector Jacket with Domed European Style Hood
XS, S, M, L, XL        $ 55.00 ea.
 2XL, 3XL, 4XL    $60.00 ea.

Our affordable inspector jacket comes with an attached, domed hood, elastic waist, elastic cuffs, pockets, and velcro flaps covering the zippers. **Select sizes also offered with round veil.
(veil Not Included)           

S,M,L $84.00 ea.
XL,2XL, 3XL,4XL $88.00 ea.

This bee suit was rated the highest suit ever tested by the USDA Weslaco Bee Lab. Our full master beekeepers suit is made of 100% cotton, has leg zips, padded knees, gusseted crotch, elasticed wrists, double ended main zip, front and rear pockets, two hive tool pockets, a breast pocket with pencil holder, and D-rings for veil tie downs. As with our jacket, it comes with ring pull zippers affixing the hat and veil and velcro is in the front and rear where zippers come together. Please specify size when ordering and remember to order your suit larger than you would normally wear to increase sting resistance and allow for ease of movement.

Bee Suit with Domed European Style Hood
XS, S, M, XL $80.00 ea.               
2XL, 3XL, 4XL $85.00 ea.

Our affordable vented bee suit comes with an attached, domed hood, elastic waist, elastic cuffs, pockets, and velcro flaps covering the zippers.
 Children's Bee Suit

Various Sizes Available         Starting at $55.00

100% Cotton Bee Suit made with the best zippers, velcro, elastic, etc.  Our kid's suits have leg zips, padded knees, gussetted crotch, elastic wrist, front and rear pockets and a double-ended, main zipper.  Hat & veil included.
  Kid's Veil with Elastic and
String Tie Down                        
$32.95 ea.   (Only 2 Available)        

Take your little beekeeper into your beeyard and don't worry about them being stung.  Our hats fit and won't fall off their heads.  Same quality as our adult veils.  Comes with elastic and string ties to ensure bees can't get in.   
 Hatless Veil                                      $19.25 ea.

Our hatless veil combines the benefits of a square folding veil with a soft cover for your head.  The cap part is a double thickness of cotton.  It will not ride up or twist and the design is cooler than wearing a standard hat and veil.  It comes with elastic and string at the bottom.
  Clear View Hat & Veil with                 
Tie String                                            
$49.95 ea.
        ONE IN STOCK

Same quality as our Clear View Hat & Veil with Zipper, this model has the string & elastic to be used with coveralls or regular clothes.  The hat has an adjustable cord with cam lock to accommodate every head size. 

  Sweat Band                                      $3.50 ea.

A valuable piece of equipment for any beekeeper is a sweat band.  Especially for those of us who wear glasses.  The elastic, terry cloth material is soft, absorbent and washable.  Currently available in white.  
 Boot Bands                                      $5.00 ea.

The first time you have bees crawl up your pantleg, you will wish you had ordered a pair of these boot bands.  One size fits all.
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