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Beekeeping Supplies


 Increase Essentials                         $25.00

Dr. Larry Connor finally put together a comprehensive work on splitting and dividing hives for all of us who have needed it so badly.  He looks at establishing new colonies by installing packages, swarms, nucs and by splitting existing colonies.  He reviews many different manipulations and techniques he has observed in his lifetime among the bees.  This is a book for every beekeeper.


 The New ABC and XYZ of
Bee Culture                                     $49.95

Dr. Shiminuki, former USDA Bee Lab Leader, has gathered beekeepers, scientists, and experts from around the world to compile the latest, best information on beekeeping.  This reference book has it ALL.


 Contemporary Queen Rearing        $15.95

Dr. Harry Laidlaw has been the absolute authority on raising queens for many years.  Topics covered are:  producing virgin queens, mating the queen, use of queens, package bee production, stock maintenance, and many more useful topics.
         Softcover, 199 pages.

Our Library has increased to over 27 titles and new titles are being added as we research new literature.  Our current titles also include:

  A Year in the Out Apiary ..... $19.95
  Bee-sentials - A Field Guide ..... $28.00
  Beekeeping Equipment Essentials ..... $19.95
  Bee Sex Essentials ..... $25.00
  The Beekeepers Handbook ..... $26.99
  Beekeeping for Dummies ..... $22.99
  Beeswax Alchemy ..... $25.00
  Beeswax Book ..... $20.95
  Comb Honey Production ..... $26.00
  Garden Plants for Honey Bees ..... $34.00
  History of Beekeeping ..... $30.00
  Hive and the Honey Bee ..... $40.00
  Hive Management: A Seasonal Guide ..... $19.50
  Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping ..... $57.00
  Honey Bee Pest ..... $9.95
  Honey Bee Removal ..... $21.99
  Honey Plants of North America ..... $19.95
  Honey Bee Democracy ..... $29.95
  Life and times of The Honey Bee ..... $8.95
  Making Mead ..... $19.95
  Mating Biology of Honey Bees ..... $32.00
  Nicot Queen Rearing ..... $19.99
  Observation Hives ..... $22.50
  Practical Queen Rearing ..... $27.95
  Queen Bee Biology, Rearing and Breeding ..... $39.99
  Queen Rearing Essentials ..... $23.00
  Queen Rearing & Bee Breeding ..... $50.00
  Rearing Queen Honey Bees ..... $20.00
  Scientific Queen Rearing ..... $19.95
  Swarm Essentials ..... $23.00
  The Thinking Beekeeper Top Bar Hives ..... $24.95

Our library also includes children's books:

  The Magic Bus: Inside a Bee Hive .....$7.99
  Dr. Seuss - Show Me the Honey ..... $5.59
  The Beeman ..... $10.99
    Numerous Other Titles Added Regularly

DVDs included:

    The Magic of Mead ..... $17.95

Additionally, VBS is your local Bee Culture Magazine liaison -- Place your subscription in store and walk away with your first copy free in hand!  One, two and three year subscriptions available for purchase.
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