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2020 Package Bees Are Available to Order !

Each package contains one (1) mated Italian queen and 3 lbs. of Italian bees.  We are currently taking orders for our March 26th delivery.  As we are closing the physical store by the end of the year, there are changes to the pickup location and mailing address for orders.

1 - 4 pkgs. ... $130.00 ea.
5 - 9 pkgs. ... $129.00 ea.
10 - 14 pkgs. ... $128.00 ea.
15 - 19 pkgs. ... $127.00 ea.
20 + pkgs. ... $126.00 ea.               (All orders must include 5.3% VA Sales Tax)

To pre-order your package bees, you may print the Package Order Form and mail it with your check or money order to Virginia Beekeeping Supply at the address listed.

ALL ORDERS REQUIRE PAYMENT IN FULL, A VALID PHONE NUMBER, AND EMAIL (when available).  BE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT AS THIS WILL BE HOW YOU ARE NOTIFIED.  We suggest you also add to your approved senders list so that you do not miss any details.

ALL PACKAGE BEES ARE TO BE PICKED UP AT OUR VFW Post 2524, 12210 Sperryville Pike,  Culpeper, VA 22701 between 1:00pm - 6:00pm.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

PLEASE NOTE:  Those who have applied for the VDACS Hive Distribution program should remember that your equipment may not be provided by package delivery, if at all.  All Package orders will be subject to a 30% fee for cancellations.  As many beekeepers have experienced, previous beekeeping programs have experienced delays or denials as a lack of funding & overwhelming response.  As a result, VBS must charge this cancellation fee to offset any lack of preparedness or delays that may be associated with the current program.

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