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The Bee Shed


We are now accepting orders for Package Bees!!  Lock in your order now as prices may be higher after the first of the year!!

Packaged Italian Bees will be available in 3 lb. packages with an Italian Queen in each package.

     1-4 Packages - $95.00 ea.
     5-9 Pakcages - $94.00 ea.
     10 - 14 Packages - $93.00 ea.
     15 or More Packages - $92.00 ea.
        An Additional 5.3% VA Sales Tax is Required on All Orders
All Package Orders must be prepaid at time of order and all orders are "first come, first serve" as there are a limited number of packages available. Please download the
2014 Bee Order Form for full details.

Note: The order form is an MSWord document that will open in a new window. For users
of other word processing programs, please select this
2014 Bee Order Form for a PDF version.

Package Bees are expected to be available during the third (3rd) or fourth (4th) week of March. An exact pickup date will be announced by email to each customer.  All March Bees are Sold Out!!  All bees sold now are expected to be delivered April 1st.

To order individual Italian Queens, please contact us at 540-905-5563.  Italian Queens are pre-ordered and each Queen is $28.00 + 5.3% sales tax due upon ordering.

RUSSIAN QUEENS AVAILABLE FOR ORDER - These pre-ordered queens are expected to be delivered between Mid-April - May 1st.  Each queen is $35.00 + 5.3% sales tax.  Please call 
540-905-5563 for ordering


Nucleus Hives are available in Medium (10 frame) or Deep (5 frame) wooden style.  Each nuc will include Italian bees, a laying Queen, at least four (4) frames of drawn comb, and the wooden nuc.

    Medium Style - $175.00 ea.**                Deep Style - $160.00 ea.**

All Nucs require a $85.00 deposit at time of ordering.  Please call for availability.

**Nuc boxes may be returned, in reusable condition, for a $15.00 store credit.

Orders may be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card.  Use the order form above to place your order by mail or see more details.

All phone orders will be accepted between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.

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