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Beekeeping Supplies


                                                        2016 PACKAGE BEES

We are now accepting orders for Package Bees!!

Packaged Italian Bees will be available in 3 lb. packages with an Italian Queen in each package.


     1-4 Packages - $110.00 ea.
     5-9 Packages - $109.00 ea.
     10 - 14 Packages - $108.00 ea.
     15 - 19 Packages - $107.00 ea.
     20 or More Packages - $105.00 ea.
        An Additional 5.3% VA Sales Tax is Required on All Orders
All Package Orders must be prepaid at time of order and all orders are "first come, first serve" as there are a limited number of packages available. Please download the 2016 Bee Order Form to place your order by mail or in person.

Package Bees are expected to be available March23rd & 30th. An exact pickup date will be announced by email to each customer

                               QUEENS AND NUC ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE


Individual Unmarked Italian Queens, $27.00 + 5.3% Sales Tax.  Expect delivery March 23rd & March 30th.  Customers will be notified by email.

Individual Marked, Hygienic Italian Queens, $35.00 ea. + 5.3% Sales Tax.  Expect delivery after April 15th through mid-Summer.

All queens must be prepaid at time of order.


Medium (5 frames).................$155.00 ea.
Deep (4 frames).....................$165.00 ea.        Each nuc requires min. $100.00 deposit at time of order.

Each nuc includes a cardboard nucleus hive, laying queen, and specified number of frames of bees on drawn comb.  Expect delivery between April 25th and May 20th.

Please download the 2016 Nuc/Queen Order Form for more information or to order by mail.

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