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Beekeeping Supplies
Additional Hive Components

Telescoping Cover

A 3” wide skirt with rabbited corners makes these covers heavier and harder to blow off. 3/8” plywood with a cover of .019 aluminum forms a weatherproof top. This aluminum is pre-bent with a 1” drop on the side and overlapping tabs on the corners to prevent leaking.
10 Frame (limited) or 8 Frame........ $20.50
  Inner Cover

Standard raised panel style with 1/8” recess on one side and 3/8” on the other side. Corners are tenoned and plywood is 1/4” luann with the stand cut-out in the center for bee escape.

10 Frame (limited) or 8 Frame ........ $10.00

 Screened Inner Covers
 Our assembled, single screened inner cover is a real tool for moving bees and ventilation.  Our double screened version can also be used for running a two queen colony and aids in some splitting methods.
 Single Screened Inner Cover    $12.50 ea. Available in 10 Frame
Double Screened Board with 2 Entrances  $19.95 ea.

Heavy Duty Screened Bottom Board

Designed to be versatile, sturdy, & easy to use. This bottom board is stand-alone and needs no other bottom boards or add-ons to function. A 1/8 inch mesh screen covers the entire floor allowing for greatest ventilation & mite drop possible. By using 1 3/8” stock for two interlocking frames, we have achieved a very strong durable construction. These bottom boards are designed with a convenient track that allows for the mite tray.
$22.75  --  Specify 10 Frame (limited) or 8 Frame

Economy Bottom Board

A lighter weight bottom board with mite tray that can be used with a hive stand as shown below.  Available in 8 frame only .
$19.85 ea.

Replacement Mite Tray for Economy 10 Frame Bottom Board .... $5.50 ea.


8 Frame Standard Entrance
Reducer                                $1.05 ea. 

Our standard wooden reducer has 2 different sized openings that can be used throughout the year for different applications.  You need one of these for every hive.



Metal Queen Excluder          $11.95 ea.

 These metal excluders do not have a metal frame around them.  They have  very strong cross pieces that hold the wires perfectly in place and suspends them above the hive body.  With this excluder you will get the correct bee space.  Specify 8 Frame or 10 Frame when ordering.



Wooden Bound Queen Excluder                              
$16.95 ea. 

 The quality of this wooden bound excluder is unmatched.  The wire grids  are exactly spaced due to the drilled cross wires and the wooden rim is
 tightly jointed and secure.  To maintain proper bee space, the edges of the metal excluder are bent slightly before entering the wood rim.  The flat side  goes down.



Plastic Queen Excluder        $4.95 ea. 10 Frame        $4.50 ea. 8 Frame

 This plastic queen excluder is plastic injection moulded.  It lays flat on the  frames and the bees pass easily through it.  This low cost option is easy to clean and superior in strength and durability.


Wood Bound Plastic Queen Excluder    $10.95 ea.


Frame Spacer                      $6.65 (10 ct. pkg.)

 Frame spacers accurately space 9 frames in 10 frame supers OR 7 frames in 8 frame supers.  This makes uncapping honey a breeze as the cappings protrude beyond the edges of the frames and your knife will cut off solid sheets of cappings and not  leave low areas.



English Copper Top            LIMITED AVAILABILITY
                  $ 59.95 ea.  8 Frame

 This beautiful English Copper Telescoping Top will turn your hives into  yard art.  A perfect accent to your flower or vegetable garden.



 Hive Stand
10 Frame  or 8 Frame                    $15.00

The Brushy Mountain Cypress Hive Stand provides the bees an easy access to the hive. Many bees fall short of the bottom board when they come in heavily loaded with nectar. The Hive Stand is made from long-lasting cypress.  PLEASE NOTE - The Hive Stand is made specifically to fit with the Economy Bottom Board ONLY.

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