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After a great deal of thought and soul searching, I have decided that it is time for me to retire.  My age and my health is leading me toward another path in my life where I would like to declutter and pursue my music, using it and my comedic nature as a way to bring happiness to people and raise awareness for the causes that have my heart.

Not to worry, I will still be teaching some classes in collaboration with a very dear friend.  I also plan to continue selling our quality bees locally. We all know that the brick & mortar stores have gone the way of online sales. This has proven itself to me over the past 2 months in where I have been selling bee supplies through another entity at 25% higher prices (than the store) plus shipping and the sales have surpassed our brick and mortar store by over 10 fold. Furthermore, it's not just people from other states that are buying the supplies....it's also locals. Go figure.

Also, the last several years have seen the rise of the commercialism of beekeeping. Experts and teachers are coming out of the woodwork. Have a Smart Phone? You too can be an expert on YouTube, not to mention all of the new products that are flooding the market with good salesmanship pushing a lot of un-usefulness on people that are under-informed. Why, did you know Walmart is selling beehives? My vision was clear when I started this business, that I didn't plan on becoming a business. My vision was to simply help. Now, I'm a dinosaur and my kind are quickly becoming extinct. 

The state of Virginia's free beehive program didn't help my decision either....over 1/2 a million dollars in retail hives are being given out to people this year alone. I will admit...it has hurt us. But, I'm sure our Great State will soon be providing advice and guidance, as I have tried to do for our beloved customers over the past decade.

I have enjoyed the support of so many wonderful people over the past decade. But, I am looking forward to pursuing a new chapter in my life. I will keep everyone updated with our plans.

God Bless you and your future beekeeping endeavors.

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